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Monday, September 16, 2019
FuelLogix Blog

Thanks for making our first user conference such a success!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who attended our first user conference for making it such a success. As promised we will be posting the presentations early next week and will be sure to let everyone know where they can be found. There were several requests to publish an attendee list and while we would encourage everyone to take this opportunity to establish their account on the community portal and begin to help us to develop this resource, we will certainly make the attendee list available seperately. Read the rest of entry »

Lots and lots and lots of changes

So this will be my first post using Windows Live Writer as the interface to the FuelLogix Blog.  This should make things a lot easier to keep updated (assuming it works.. if you are reading this, I guess it DOES!). Changes..  Lots of changes to tell you all about.  We’ve been feverishly working around the clock lately taking a top down look at our entire business here at FuelLogix.  That exercise has produced some interesting, some frightening, some exciting, and some enlightening results.  I’ll go into some of the obvious changes that we’ve made here and will be releasing more insight in coming posts so stay tuned. Our public website – It’s in the process of a total overhaul.  Both visually and content wise.  The new theme should make it easier to navigate and be more visually pleasing.  The content changes are next on deck. The Customer Portal – We’ve corrected some of the annoyances and display issues with using the Customer Portal based on your feedback. ... Read the rest of entry »

The morning after...

So we're back from NACSTech. How is it that something can be exhausting and invigorating at the same time?

We had a ton of traffic the first day of the show. I'm sorry to those of you who stopped by while we were all tied up running 3 demos at a time and didn't get a chance to speak to you. I think we'll need to increase the booth staff next year!

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Getting ready for NACSTech

Welcome to our first attempt at a blog.

What better topic than NACSTech since it's starting tomorrow. We've got a LOT of exciting things happening around here that we are going to be unveiling at this year’s NACSTech in Nashville, TN. Everything from new alliances, new products, a new website, and well, this new blog.

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