Welcome to our first attempt at a blog.

What better topic than NACSTech since it's starting tomorrow. We've got a LOT of exciting things happening around here that we are going to be unveiling at this year’s NACSTech in Nashville, TN. Everything from new alliances, new products, a new website, and well, this new blog.

So lets start with the new alliance. This year we are exhibiting with our new alliance all under one roof. This is going to be an exciting show and the capabilities this new alliance brings to bear are quite something. Read all about it here in our press release.

We've also got some new product announcements happening at the show.

FIOS - This is a really cool product. It provides a distributed enterprise a way to easily implement a MANAGED FILE TRANSFER solution that will provide security, reliability, and most importantly visibility into the movement of files throughout the enterprise. It does a lot more than move files too. It provides a plug-in host that allows it to be extended to accomplish nearly any task. Some examples we are currently working with include polling tank gauges, POS systems, and providing fuel price change notifications. This is a really interesting product for us with unlimited potential uses. Read more about it here.

We are also planning to show off our new Agility Mobile handheld platform. This iOS based solution runs on either an iPhone 4, or iPod touch and includes a device sled with a built in mag-stripe reader and 2D or 3D barcode scanner. This you have to come see....

Finally, we are going to be giving a sneak peek at our coming release that includes a new way to think about item level inventory. An approach that give operations the tools they need, simplifies accounting, and provides a crawl-walk-run implementation path to help overcome the typical burdens associated with such a traditionally difficult to implement process.

We are all pretty excited about this year show so be sure to come by and check us out at booth 127