So we're back from NACSTech. How is it that something can be exhausting and invigorating at the same time?

We had a ton of traffic the first day of the show. I'm sorry to those of you who stopped by while we were all tied up running 3 demos at a time and didn't get a chance to speak to you. I think we'll need to increase the booth staff next year!

We got some great feedback regarding the new Integrated Petroleum Solutions alliance, and though we did seem to loose a bit of our identity in the joint booth we'll just need to tweak the branding a bit more next show. There was also supposed to be a row of exhibitors behind us which I guess got nixed due to attendance putting us against the wall . Not ideal, but that makes our traffic response even more impressive.

The new iPhone / iPod / iPad based Agility Mobile platform tease got a lot of excitement also. Stay tuned, we'll be posting some more public details regarding that product as it prepares for official launch over the coming months.

Our take on Operational ILI and item movement incorporation into the EOD (end of day) was a hit as well. Our new dashboard initiative also got some very positive feedback so look for more progress in that department as well.

Finally a shout out to Jim Xenos. Congratulations on the Top Tech Executive Award. We've always believed Jim to be a visionary, after all he had the foresight to be our first client running Agility... :)

In closing, thanks again for all of your support and for making NACSTech a GREAT event.