So this will be my first post using Windows Live Writer as the interface to the FuelLogix Blog.  This should make things a lot easier to keep updated (assuming it works.. if you are reading this, I guess it DOES!).

Changes..  Lots of changes to tell you all about.  We’ve been feverishly working around the clock lately taking a top down look at our entire business here at FuelLogix.  That exercise has produced some interesting, some frightening, some exciting, and some enlightening results.  I’ll go into some of the obvious changes that we’ve made here and will be releasing more insight in coming posts so stay tuned.

  1. Our public website – It’s in the process of a total overhaul.  Both visually and content wise.  The new theme should make it easier to navigate and be more visually pleasing.  The content changes are next on deck.
  2. The Customer Portal – We’ve corrected some of the annoyances and display issues with using the Customer Portal based on your feedback.  Unfortunately this is not a product we developed so we are a little limited in the changes we can make but it should be much better than ever before.  We are going to encourage our clients to use this more and more as it continues to evolve.
  3. Integrations – We’ve integrated our public website with our PSA and our Customer Portal and have begun the content development phase of our soon to be officially announced University.  This means that with your Customer Portal credentials, you will be able to sign in to our public website at and access specific content based on the agreements contained in our PSA.  Things like downloads of the latest releases, forums, roadmaps, and another soon to be officially announced web based Community.  (yes, we are inching closer and closer to the S word…)
  4. Support Processes – We’ve implemented new workflows, new email templates, and improved notifications so that you can more easily stay on top of any of your requests.  An email will be going out soon detailing these changes.
  5. Client Communications – this is an area we’ve needed to address for some time and I have made it my personal focus to improve the way we communicate with our clients.  We are working on both automated workflows to generate better communications as well as process improvements so that we can be more effective in our communications.  This will include things such as Notifications of new releases, release notes, road map changes, and general correspondence.
  6. A (sharp and pointy) Measuring Stick – We have implemented a feedback system and we’d love to hear from you.  You will now get survey links attached to ticket closure emails and we will also periodically poll you outside of any tickets so that we can better measure not only our failures, but our successes too.

All of these changes are works in progress and we welcome your feedback as always.  Hopefully you will find these changes beneficial and an another step closer to our goal of providing you world-class support.


Until next time….