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Monday, September 16, 2019
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File Integration & Orchestration Service (FIOS) is an agent based, distributed enterprise system designed to provide reliable, secure, centrally managed, and logged routing of files throughout an organization.

FIOS features include:

  • Centrally managed web based administration console
  • Distributed agent based check-in architecture (all connections are initiated outbound from the agent to the server over http/s.  NO inbound ports required for the remote agents)
  • Supported Listeners (Local Path, UNC, FTP, FTPS, SFTP)
  • Centrally managed archive
  • File Mask and RegEx (Regular Expression) support
  • Standard http/s protocol support
  • Templates make deployments a snap
  • Complete encryption for files both intransit and at rest
  • Centrally managed task scheduler
  • Fire tasks according to a schedule or rules such as a file delivery
  • Custom variable support
  • Guaranteed file delivery with integrity
  • Resume on fail
  • Multiple routing types including scheduled, on demand, flag file and delayed
  • Central logging & Reporting or all agent status, file movement and schedule events
  • Plug-ins allow custom extensions to be developed

FIOS benefits include:

  • Top down dashboard based view of all file movement at a glance provide fast and efficient oversight of ALL file transmissions throurought a distributed enterprise.
  • Plug-ins extend functionality and provide limitless expansion.  Examples include remote tank guage or POS polling, registry hive change monitoring, fuel price change validation, etc.
  • Files integrity is checked at each pickup, delivery, and every hop in between providing guaranteed delivery.