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Thursday, June 20, 2019


LoadTrax - Transload.net

Transload.net turns a laptop into a remote Transloading terminal. The offline operations allows fuel operators to manage Transloading operations and then synchronize loads to LoadTrax, at the corporate office.

LoadTrax - Transload.net features include:

  • Synchronize with Bourque for real-time rail yard inventory and transit status
  • Generate bills-of-lading in the field with any printer
  • Automatically performs gross/net conversion for standard meters
  • Bi-directional synchronization sends new bills-of-lading to the corporate office and corrects to the transloader
  • Air Card-friendly, highly-optimized synchronization; even over slow 14k connections 

LoadTrax - Transload.net benefits include:

  • Operational flexibility to capture data from the field
  • Synchronization of data for real time information

"iFlex allows us to manage a vast amount of data, with a very user-friendly, easy to use engine.  We love it!"

Ronda Walzer, CPA
Musket Accounting Manager