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Monday, September 16, 2019
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iFlex Advanced Reporting Suite

iFlex provides retailers with user-defined business intelligence; providing insights and business alerts based on parameters management wants to use to control and operate their business enterprise. iFlex allows users to increase effectiveness by identifying, tracking, and correcting exceptions to established rules.

iFlex allows retailers to set user-defined parameters so only exceptions are reviewed in the auditing process. This functionality reduces human error and automatically closes reports within accepted tolerances.

Business alerts bring focus to operations across the entire organization. By building alert parameters and exception rules, iFlex identifies and reports intelligence for immediate, actionable response. This increases productivity by eliminating the need to manually mine data looking for issues and brings exceptions forward in a time-efficient manner for corrective action.

iFlex features include:

  • 100% web-based; connects to most data sources (SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Access, MySQL, OBDC, and Excel)
  • Generates SQL statements with a click of a button
  • Build and save queries, which are automatically populated going forward
  • Scheduled queries are delivered via email
  • Queries can be published throughout the organization; help to standardize what management wants reviewed
  • Exports to XML, TXT, or PDF
  • Build simple alert thresholds to monitor data automatically
  • Monitor alerts from the user interface, dashboards, or email
  • Drill into alerts to analyze underlying data
  • Powerful dashboards from disparate systems, with queries, charts, alerts, or external content

iFlex benefits include:

  • Simple query designer allows non-technical users to create views; no database skills required
  • People move from generating data to managing tasks to positively impact bottom line profitability
  • Alerts provide exceptions, allowing for timely corrective action
  • Allows stakeholders to modify, manipulate, and consume data across the organization
  • System design protects enterprise data and objects; ensures users can not 'corrupt' or destroy source data


Ken Hoilman
Station Auditor
Gate Petroleum Company