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Monday, September 16, 2019
Software Conversion and Migration

Conversion Process:

FuelLogix has three phases in a client's conversion to Agility
  • Automated Process: Using proprietary tools and processes, the raw text data is extracted and imported into the SQL database, where it is automatically scrubbed. Setup details isolate and populate the data into Agility, where the details are identified, related, and processed.
  • Manual Process:  A FuelLogix developer and database analyst begin a validation process on any identified anomalies. System and alignment problems are isolated and data is manually scrubbed to resolve remaining alignment issues. Customized procedures are developed to ensure future conversions are accurate based on the anomalies discovery.
  •  Implementation Plan Overview: Implementation plans cover the corporate office and store rollout conversions. At the corporate office, the Agility software is deployed and the setup and historical data are converted. The store rollout commence with the training of managers and store personnel. The actual rollout can be scheduled to minimize impact on operations.

Migration Process:

As with the conversion process, FuelLogix has three phases in the client's migration process:
  • Convert Legacy System: The migration process begins with the installation of the Agility system and converting the legacy system data. User and technical training then commence and the client reviews and validates the conversion data.
  •  Parallel Operation for Verification:  Parallel auditing is conducted on a number of designated sites to validate the data. If any anomalies are discovered, they are corrected. The audit verification includes a review of month-end information to assure accuracy. When the client is satisfied with the validation process, the implementation moves to the next step.
  •  Conversion to Agility: At this juncture, the client ceases using their legacy system and the final conversion of data is made on a Friday afternoon. Stakeholders begin using Agility on the following Monday. 

Conversion and Migration Benefits:

  • Parallel implementation allows client to test Agility 'live' before converting; ensures data accuracy
  • Fast implementation reduces impact on operations
  • Fixed cost eliminates cost overruns from prolonged consulting engagements
  • Historical data is included in the system setup, allowing the client to compare operations data from previous periods
  • Flexibility in migration allows client to continue using existing backoffice until ready to convert individual sites
  • Client moves through testing, parallel, and production phases with limited involvement
  • Focus for client is on how-to-use Agility versus how-to-setup