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Monday, September 16, 2019
Custom Development

Custom Programming Development:

FuelLogix offers custom programming development services for clients needing additional functionality. These services are provided on either a time and material basis or a fixed fee/fixed scope approach. Specification requirement are developed in advance of the design and coding phase and are considered part of the overall custom programming service.

Custom Reports:

Most reporting requirements are available using FuelLogix's iFlex business intelligence module, where queries can be built with the click of a button. In the event a client needs assistance in creating custom reports, FuelLogix can create the desired reports and make them available for deployment on a scheduled or ad hoc basis

System Enhancements:

FuelLogix continues to enhance Agility, iFlex, and LoadTrax based on changing business conditions in the market. We encourage clients to suggest system enhancements that continue to benefit the overall FuelLogix community. These enhancements are then prioritized and placed in the development queue.

In cases where the client wishes to change the development priority of an enhancement, a request for custom programming development can be made. When an enhancement is complete, the change is included in the next version release of software for the entire FuelLogix community.